Full Version: Potential photoshoot location?
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Silver Fox Salvage, on 20 Learned street in Albany (Like, a block from the large abandoned warehouse), apparantly might be open to letting people come in and do a photoshoot.
They're a antique/salvage yard with a really lovely mix of stuff available, both new and old, elegant and rough.

Anyone potentially interested in doing a photoshoot there?
Intriguing. I may take this offer.
(09-07-2010, 04:41 PM)Faust Wrote: [ -> ]Intriguing. I may take this offer.

It'd be kind of awesome if we went as a group and just set up between costume groups.
Could this also include a video shoot?
So far the only photoshoot I've done has been with my cousin in the back woods/field/hills/garden behind her house. I didn't think it would turn out good but it worked.

An antique/salvage yard sounds interesting. It would certainly make for great photos.
Maybe we should arrange a date?
Probably...that way people can arrange availability. Smile