Full Version: Maid Event at Genericon
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Hello all!:bunny:

I realize that we have been trying to have a maid event for a while now but to no avail.Dodgy However, that may change.Idea Not only is Bad Con interested in hosting a Maid Cafe, Genericon is open to having a Maid related event as well. Since we are starting out, I would like to keep this small.

What I am looking to do is something along these lines: For one day of Genericon (let's say Saturday) maids holding signs the that read "Game with a Maid: $1 per game" will walk around at different intervals of the day (say once every 3 hours) offering to play games with Con-goers. You will play a quick game with them on the spot. If the maid wins, you will offer them a small prize for playing. If the con-goers wins, they they draw a number and redeem it for a prize at the maid operations base.Heart

I am looking for a few volunteers who would be interested in either playing games with con goers or watching the Maid Base of operations. If you are interested, please email me at pink_pen_faerie_girl@yahoo.com. Please have "Genericon Maid Event" in your subject heading so that I know it isn't spam. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and let's work togehter to make this happen!:awesome:
"Must not think of maid stereotypes. Must not think of maid stereotypes. "
Not like we couldn't fund the whole thing through the club! Seriously, cheap trinket prizes would be like 4/$1. We could give everybody a pocketful for $20. Even the "guaranteed prize" Iron cosplay event has trouble getting participants, so I don't think we'd be going broke handing out hundreds of items.

Okay, this is the reply I got from the cosplay coordinator.

This seems like a good idea to me. Not entirely sure who could best help with this so I'll forward this to a few other staff members and see what they think. The only thing I could see being a problem is space in the halls, but I'd like to see this happen. I'll let you know when I know more.

Peter Casey
Cosplay Coordinator
Genericon XXIV

It seems that there is interest in the GeneriCon staff of making this happen. I would like to remind everyone that this is a serious thread, looking for people with genuine interest in participating. A basic maid outfit is simple enough to make. A simple black dress with an apron will do in a pinch if one didn't have the time for anything more elaborate. Also, Flipcat is correct, small prizes are cheap and easy to come by. As for games, I actually have a lot of games leftover from our first attempt at a maid cafe from a few years ago so don't think that this isn't do-able because it is.
Amber: You may want to summarize the email from Peter (instead of quote), in case he stops by.
I would like to help, but i never have been to Genericon before an i'm sure my boyfriend wouldnt want to help in it since he's not very talkative with other people ( i wish! He could wear his zero outfit and help out and I could wear my yuki cross Big Grin ) Idk yet. you know my number just txt me to keep me updated. i'll see what i can do to at least help you out Smile I just hope next time you do a maid cafe i'll have my misaki maid outfit from maid sama!
You know I'm there. Just let me know if it's happening.
I totally finished my apron and it is all kinds of steampunk awesome! (Translation: I put some gears on it. ConfusedweatdropSmile What day are we doing this, Saturday?
I haven't heard any updates from Amber lately, so I wonder if it's still happening?
Slightly off-topic; but how about BadCon? Are we going to give it a try then?