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Sushi Tei. It's the best sushi place in the Capital District. Well, in my opinion XD Talk about what you like / dislike about Sushi Tei.
never been, is it that good
I can't say that its the best place in the capital district because there are so many other places I haven't been. Also I'm not really a sushi connoisseur but I liked what I ordered there. I wish I had just ordered rolls instead of a meal. When I go back next time that's what I plan to do. I would also like to sit at the bar if we had a small party.
Frank: Yes.
Personally I didn't care for it. I've yet to find a Japanese Resturaunt/Sushi place that is the best in the area to me. I've been to several in the area...
Well, you must have a favorite :3
Honestly... I don't. O_o Not for Japanese food at least...
Ah... How about any kind of food?
Hah, now you want a different subject? Royal India is my fav in the area for Indian food. Plum Blossom is my fav in the area for Chinese. Red Robin for burgers, Quiznos for subs... XD I'm getting carried away now.
^^ It's all good XD
We can always start threads for topics that get out of hand.
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