Full Version: Utena cotume help.
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I'm looking to make the dress from the opening of shoujo kakumei utena for Utena. I have no idea where to start.

I've wanted to make this dress since 2003 but did not have a sewing machine or the know how. I now have a machine but no idea how to read patterns. Is anyone on the forum willing to show me how to read patterns and give advice?

I've never cosplayed before but I want to make this dress and I also want to make a chic aristocrat cosplay out of Utena's regular uniform.

This is what I saw someone do for the aristocrat and I'm in <3 love with it!

http://www.acparadise.com/acp/display.php?c=9592p01 this for the regular.

I'm so in over my head -___- but the good news is I'm not on a time line

Edit: reposted as a seperate thread. Also, where can I find patterns for this sort of thing? Will Joann's really have what I need?
Tohmasuke is actually making an Utena dress and I think she has patterns. I'll ask her and get back to you. ^_^
Thank you for reposting -- We like to make up rules on the spot XD