Full Version: Sushi Tei -- 9/26/09, 6:30pm
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Has any one been to Sushi Tei? If so how was it? I've wanted to go for several months and I was actually thinking it might be nice to do a group meetup there if anyone was interested?

EDIT: Group Meetup for Sushi Tei is planned for 09/26/09 6:30pm
Once we know who's going we'll make a reservation for dinner.

Menu at: http://www.sushiteialbany.com/
Restaurant review at: http://celinabean.com/2008/08/authentic-...erland-ny/

People interested:
Sarah (me)
Jen (I think)
Maxxie (possibly)
Sushi Tei is -awesome-!
It's my favorite Japanese restaurant in the area.
You can get some dishes there that you can't get anywhere else in the area, like curry, shabushabu, oroshi-katsu, zarusoba, and the list goes on and on.

A group meetup would be cool :3
In the past, we had a dinner meetup at Sushi King directly following a meeting, which was well received -- Maybe we should do that again in Oct, or something?
I'm new so I haven't been to any meetings yet. Just the picnic this Saturday. Anyways I would love to go with anyone who has experience ordering sushi. I've been dieing to go for several months now but have not made the trip since I live in Clifton Park. Spread the word and we'll try to make it a date
Well, but posting here, I'm sure several club members will be interested Big Grin

What timeframe were you looking at doing this?
Weekday or weekend?
Lunch or dinner?
This sounds relative to my interests
I work durring the week M-F in Latham so I could do a week night or anytime weekend I just need to know in advance so I can let my husband know. He's not into anime or cosplay but loves food and culture so he might even want to go!
Well, I guess the question I should have asked first would be, is October too late?
Because I'm thinking this would be a great event to have after the Oct meeting Smile
I might go there before hand just because I'm dieing to go but October is cool. Don't forget the dance for Halloween is that month also. Were you still thinking after a meeting?
I'm really up for whenever.
Are you looking at some time in the next couple weeks?
As of right now I think the only dates I'm not free are 9/12-14. Going in the next couple of weeks might be something to look forward to. Like I said I'm flexable other than I work durring the day. I do have vaca and sick days if someone wanted to do a day thing and couldn't do a weekend. I just need to know in advance so I can put in for the vaca
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