Full Version: Have any of you heard of the manga, Maid sama?
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Hi everyone! I just got finished reading vol. 2 of my newest reading manga series, Maid Sama! And like a lot of other people on other fourms that know about it, it would seem like it would be an awesome anime and I JUST found out if this one site gets 10,000 vote for it before next april they will grant that wish!

The manga's info link is here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclop...hp?id=8079

There are only 2 vol. out at this time and vol. 3 sadly, isn't coming out til next january TT___TT! But you can find it online too i think for fan translated! Anyways If you have heard of this manga I'll post the japanese site where to sign up for voting for it to become an anime and the steps to understand what to do (if you can't read japanese.)

Thanks everyone I hope I get replies from this Big Grin!

Link to voting site: http://www.shomei.tv/project-945.html

Steps on how to get through the voting process:

here's how you do it,
1. you scroll down to the place where there are a green sign with 6 ppl standing with letters in their hands right next to that there is a line where you put your name. after you put your name in the line you click on the orange button to continue.
2. you will have to put your name on the first line and your email on the second line ( please put your real email because they will send a email to you for confirmation)
3. then you but your age on the 3rd line, and select your gender on the next line, the left circle represents male and the right represents female
4. on the 5 row you can select your occupation- student will be the 4th to last choice
5. the 6th row you just have to enter 000-0000 since you don't live in japan
6. the 7th row ask for which province in japan you live in and since you don't live in japan then you can just select the last option which will be other countries.
7. the rest after row 7 you can just leave it blank and click the continue button at the end of the page.
8. the next page will show your info and to confirm it just enter the codes it ask you to indentify on the bottom of the page and click confirm and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
9. After you received the email, you'll see there's a link that looks like this -
click on it and your signature will be counted XD!

Thank you once again! Smile:grin:
Oh, it looks cute -- I wouldn't be surprised if it's animated at some point :3
I see the full title is Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Yes it is and you can read the manga online too if you want the link just let me know. BTW The petition is the way for it to become an anime but it needs 10,000 votes in order for it to come true. I hope other people find this manga funny and interesting like i do, so they'll votw ^^;
I like the manga! I don't know if I'd have time to watch the anime, though.
I started reading this.... I think i got thru the first Vol. but it's been a while since I read it...

But my roommate loves the manga! xD
And it -has- become an anime! I've seen a few of the eps Big Grin
(02-03-2011, 11:23 AM)chrono Wrote: [ -> ]And it -has- become an anime! I've seen a few of the eps Big Grin

Yea i really hope they continue the series from where it leaves off i mean its an OK ending but of course the manga goes WAAAY further ^_^;
Yeah, that's pretty typical of anime that are adapted from manga... I haven't read the manga, but I hope so too Big Grin