Full Version: Free Comic Book Day
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Saturday May 2, 2009 is free comic book day! :3
5/2 is also Sakuramatsuri o_o
What does "free comic book day" mean?


DJ: It's just a day when you go to like Zombie planet or something and they will give out certain comics for free :3!!
Wow, what a concept -- When was this invented!
hmmm I have no idea LOL
Like, 5 years ago. There's whole racks full of different titles that've put out a new free edition! They say only take 3, but I usually load up when they're not looking.
where are theses free comics?
It was in May, so you missed your chance.
But there will probably be more at some point LOL
wow, i totally saw that and thought "next month"
that was and epic fail!