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Cosplay Sword Help (DMC3)
Looking for some help and suggestions here (and sorry if this is in the wrong spot) on how to make a sword harness and a sword for my Dante (DMC3) cosplay (what I have so far: The last time I tried to do this was using bristol board, PVC, sculpey (for the skull), and insulation foam, and it held up pretty well, except that the sculpey + PVC combo didn't stay in the sword and broke itself.

The one I would like to make:

So, can anyone suggest a better way to make a really, really long sword and a harness for me to carry it on my back? Or if there's any links to any good tutorials that would save everyone's breath, could you point me in their direction?

Amalgamayne, proud to be a member of UNY Cosplay Forums since Sep 2011.

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