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Cosplay Contest
hey everyone, i was just hoping to get some help in this cosplay contest i am in. basically i need 10 votes a day and i will be placed in 1st 2nd or 3rd for either $450, $100, or $50 in cosplay gift cards. to be honest, im not really into cosplay but i chose to compete in that category because my girlfriend absolutely loves it and plans on attending Anime Jam as well as a couple of other events during the summer. The anime jam just happens to follow on the weekend of her birthday sunday august 21st at the radisson hotel in fresno and the contest will end in 2 weeks.

im currently between 4-5th place, thanks to some voting fans of a youtube channel ive had, so 3rd would start at $50 which is fine with me. i dont need anything higher than that so if i could just get a little help for 3rd place i would really appreciate it.

there are other prizes for different people but if you look at the charts you will see they are in different categories so i am just competing to those in cosplay.

here is the link to the contest: iSlapJustinBieber's Campaign for King of the Web

again thanks in advance to all those who can help, i will be happy to post pictures of her on her birthday as well =)

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