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Albany BadCon 2012
Hello there.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Kevin, aka Keiichi969, and the webmaster for The Guild, UA's gaming group. As some of you may know, we host Albany BadCon.

I am proud to announce that BadCon 2012 will be held April 7-8th.

Being a cosplayer and otaku myself, I was assigned as the organizer for all anime and cosplay related panels and such. Sadly, being a transfer student I didn't attend Badcon this year, so I don't know who was doing what.

We started planning BadCon a bit earlier this year. Besides giving you guys the date for the next BadCon, I'd be interested in any and all feedback from Badcon2011. What can I fix, what would you like to see?

The Guild webmaster
Anime and Cosplay coordinator
keiichi969, proud to be a member of UNY Cosplay Forums since Oct 2011.
Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the heads-up on BadCon 2012. UNY will certainly have a presence there!
Feel free to request feedback on our Facebook site, as it seems pretty darn active as of late!
Sadly, it was announced that BadCon 2012 will be held Mar 3-4, the same weekend as Genericon. I hope BadCon staff will work hard next year to make the two not conflict going forward Smile

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